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Jordy Arthur Vaesen is a fashion designer and content creator currently based in Belgium.

Jordy Arthur has been obsessed with fashion since his earliest memories. At 15 he attended sewing classes combining it with regular high school. At the age of 19 he studied fashion design in Antwerp. Ever since he has been developing and growing as a person and a brand.

When it comes to sustainability Jordy believes that it should not be a marketing tool. It should be the bottom line for all entrepreneurs. "I am constantly trying to find the balance between making conscious decisions and business decisions. It's not always an easy balance, but through transparent and open communication with my community I believe we can find the way."

Today Jordy Arthur is exploring his creativity by using fashion design and content creation as his main source of self-expression. "I believe creativity is an ever-growing thing. I don't like to limit or define myself. I don't do boxes!

Breaking with "outdated norms", he hopes to inspire people to embrace their own uniqueness, but also the uniqueness of others. "There is so much we can learn from each other if we would open our minds and listen."


Jordy Arthur's work has been used by many stylists all around the world and worn by artists and performers in all fields. He has been featured in numerous online and printed publications.

Using his unique perspective and creative skills Jordy Arthur collaborates with businesses worldwide. Through his social media platforms he creates inspiring content for clients like Volvo, Bulldog Gin, Givenchy Beauty, Nona Source etc. Always bringing it back to his love for fashion. 

If asked: "What does the future hold for Jordy Arthur ?" Jordy's answer is: "The best is yet to come."